Other Flames: Suggested Books and Websites


This is an ever growing list of recommendations. If you have any suggestions contact me. More will be added and of course there are literary classics such as CS Lewis’s works, Dante’s trilogy, and others.

  1. You Gotta Keep Dancing is a book written by Tim Hansel.

After Tim experienced a debilitating fall in a climbing accident he wrote about his journey with God while in pain. This book has helped me understand my identity in Christ as I walk this crucible. I highly suggest reading this if you are a Christian dealing with chronic pain, illness, disease, or mental health.


  1. Lifestyle of Worship by David Morris.

This book describes how we can walk in our lives in worship.


  1. The Body Keeps Score by Dr. Bassel Van der Kolk.

If you experience PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) this is an excellent book to understanding what is going on. Dr Van der Kolk has over 40 years experience in studying trauma and has excellent insights


  1. Celebration of Discipline by Robert Foster.

This book gives a great point of view of what Christian disciplines are and how they can help you grow spiritually.


  1. The Bonadage Breaker by Neil Anderson.

This book talks deeply about the spiritual battle we face and helps us grow further into our identity in Christ.


  1. Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl.

Viktor was in a concentration camp during World War II. This book talks about his resiliency and getting through this experience. He invented logotherapy which is a therapy founded in existentialism. Existentialism is basically the philosophy that we are what we make. Christian existentialism is that we are because God created us, this is a view I strongly agree with. Though this is not a ‘Christian’ written book like that of Dr. Van der Kolk it can still help one grow giving a thought of viewing things different.


  1. When I relax, I feel guilty by Tim Hensel.

This book deals with our resistance to being still and is an excellent read.


  1. The Weight of Glory by C.S. Lewis.

This book is simply amazing with some of my favorite quotes. One being, ‘The cross comes before the crown and tomorrow is Monday.’


  1. The Power of a Praying Husband by Stormie Omartian.

Never undestimate the power of prayer.


  1. Kingdom Man by Tony Evans

This book is very motivating as a Godly Man.


  1. David Benner’s Three Books: The Gift of Being Yourself, Soulful Spirituality, and Surrender to Love

These books have deep lessons in growing into a relationship with God






More will be added. If anyone has any suggestions contact me.


  1. Chasing Lily by Nealie Rose.

This is great for foster parents or youth workers. Nealie writes from her perspective and experiences of when she had fostered Lilly, a very lost girl who struggles. It is very encouraging as you see the developing relationship between Nealie and Lilly.


  1. Beauty from Ashes series by Beckie Lindsey.

Book One Secrets: In one’s walk with Christ through this world we all too often become jaded and numb to the reality of Spiritual Warfare. In Beckie Lindsey’s book Secrets: Beauty from Ashes Series Book 1 we journey with four teenage girls who carry the burdens of their secrets and how Demons come to oppress them, but also how God’s Angels are fighting for them. Secrets is an excellent read that draws the reader into these girls’ realities and the war that is waged for their souls. The complex themes bring a wonderful depth to the angst of their trials and though no matter how burnt one may be, God makes beauty from ashes. It truly was an amazing blessing to read!


Book Two Uninvited: Uninvited takes you along the journey of Krystal, MacKenzie, Tammi, and Sadie as they walk through their decisions in the middle of this spiritual war being fought around them. In their falls and struggles in this crucible requires them to make life or death decisions.


Book Three DayBreak: In this continuing saga of these young women Beckie Lyndsey brings forth the forces of dark and light. The decisions that can change Krystal, MacKenzie, Tammi, and Sadie lives and friendships forever surface.


  1. TJ REESE books.

Any of them are excellent and fun to read. He mixes suspense with the super natural. As a Christian author he creates worlds that will draw you in.



  1. National Suicide Prevention Helpline– Call 1-800-273-8255 https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/
  1. CAP4KIDS is an amazing Website that gives resources on many topics ranging from mental illness to housing needs. It provides contact information to organizations and covers areas across the nation.


  1. NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness)- This Website provides statistics and resources to find help


  1. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control)- This is yet another great site to understanding more about what is going on with you. I have this tab set to TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)


  1. The National Child Trauma Stress Network (NCTSN)- This provides free training on the trauma and how it affects children. It is an excellent resource to learning more about this subject.